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Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
Not referring to cheating tho you bought it up.The point of my post was that Merc has such a stranglehold on whatever their tricks that fans are leaving in droves from what I am seeing, it's all very well for HAM and Wolff saying fia and Liberty are trying to slow and pull us back which is actually laughable and typical of someone who has massive advantage.
Their holier than thou attitude is tiring and with Ferrari's main objective of securing their financial advantage with Concorde agreement more important than actually producing a competitive car and looking after a loyal long term driver.
You can produce stats my friend which are meaningless to many fans who want a more balanced sport and see the writing on the wall saying Ferrari and Mercedes should leave as they are strangling the sport.
i agree for closer races and closer performances my friend.. but as i ve told earlier on Silverstone topic.. all teams except Merc's were slower in their previous years lap times almost all the time this year.. its so funny really.. wondering what did they in 1 year to make their car slower.. and then Merc' becomes a dominant team.. actually they re a proper team thats all.. i dont think things ll change so radically after new regs either then fans can start to hate even more.. Merc' do arbeiten.. if its the engine only since party mode looks a bit suspicious to people.. why Racing Point or Williams cant be dominant they have one of the most important part in motor sports they have the heart... cause its a team sport concerns every department..

in short.. you cant blame only Merc' my friend for being too good.. if Merc' is killing the competition i believe it can be at most 30-40% cause 9 other teams and probably 10.000 in total people are just sleeping.. all the other teams needs a slap to wake up for getting faster really..
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