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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
This. Mercedes aren't over performing, the rest are underperforming. Renault, Redbull/Honda, and Ferrari have/are doing a huge disservice to the sport. Based on budget, resources, and history, these three should be performing at a much higher level. The fight should be among the top 8 with the driver making the difference.

We are being cheated of HAM vs RIC vs VET vs VER vs LEC by those three manufacturers, not Mercedes Benz.

No one ever blames the guy/gal who makes top marks in school for the slapdicks who barely pass the course, why are we doing it here?
You're right. All the cars except for Merc are slower. You mentioned the reason why we're blaming Mercedes. It looks like fans gave up on 9 teams improving and they only want one team to be slower and then we will have the HAM vs RIC vs VET vs VER vs LEC that we want. It's like Usain Bolt competing in the social Olympics, the kids are fast for disabled kids but it's easier to slow Usain down rather than improve the speed of the kids.

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