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Would I be right in thinking then, theoretically we should get much better electric range (at the cost of acceleration performance) if we kept the car in comfort mode and NOT edrive, as the gearing would be suited for higher speeds?

I also wonder then for the electric 'range indicator' if that is only accurate for comfort/eco pro modes, as opposed to e-drive modes (or vice versa)?
Keeping the car in Comfort/Eco and engaging Hold State of Charge will keep your electric range preserved and it will increase range when decelerating. I have a 2015 i8 and was on a long trip through the mountains of northern NY state and each downhill stretch resulted in regeneration. I left my hotel with 10mi of range and by the time I got through PA, I had 20 mi of range by using Hold State of Charge the entire time.

The Range Indicator is predictive based on your driving habits and environment. It's never accurate and makes a lot of assumptions. My commute home from work includes a 10 mile section where I'm in eDrive the entire time. There's a 4 mile section of road in that commute that is a mild downslope. My range does not decrease over this stretch because I'm barely in the throttle at 35mph.
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