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i8 security?

Hi all,

A newbie here from the UK.
Picking up a protonic red BWM CPO next week 👍🙂 and have been pondering security.

Firstly, what do people feel about the risk of 'relay theft' from the comfort edition of the BMW key fob? Would it be worth re-coding it as a push button only fob? Someone mentioned it was about 100 done by the dealer (and reversible).

Secondly what do people feel about the BWM Eye2 dash cam against third party dash cams? With regards security (rather than accident recording) do you feel more secure with a dash cam installed or does watching it back make you even more nervous about leaving your pride and joy alone in a public car park for the evening?

Thirdly should I bother with a bright yellow steering wheel look (like Carlock)

Or should I just put my paranoia aside and get a good gap insurance with the money?

Thanks for your thoughts
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