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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
agreed. If it's been this many days and Imodium isn't working, get someone to drive you to the hospital, body is about to get in a lot worse shape then it is now because it's not had any food. Also, start drinking gatorade or powerade to get some hydration in you. If it's explosive, you're becoming more and more dehydrated every time you sit on the toilet.

People dye of dehydration and food poisoning, which go hand in hand, don't wait.
The problem with this is that drinking more may at times irritate you even more... it's a catch-22.

Please note I am not a medical professional.

Originally Posted by Spool View Post
all good, wait till it happens to you Collins, shit sucks...i really thought about killing myself..never have i experienced so much discomfort...
Yep, I couldn't get up or even step outside of my bathroom... It's horrible, I feel for u man.
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