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Painful chest day this morning. Front delts were very tight. I have a tighter grip (purposefully) when I bench, and refuse to not let the bar touch my chest. I have a solid bit of reach for my height as well, so i'm really stretching shit out when the bar is down on my chest especially incline bench. Left pec/delt started giving out a little towards the end. Didn't effect too much, I just dropped the weight a little and really focused on squeezing shit together. Had a ridiculous pump!

My rotation is a little different then your typical (6 day cycle);
back/tri -> shoulders/bi -> legs -> chest -> arms -> legs -> repeat
For the most part I'll do whatever is in my power not to take an off day because im a stubborn little shit haha. With that said, legs twice a week has been beating my ass. Soreness from the first leg day is not usually gone by time I hit them the second time in my rotation. 2nd leg day is usually more conditioning. Lot of reps, nothing too crazy as far as weight goes, and I usually bust my ass with some cardio on that second leg day.

I know I said I would start that cut a few days ago, but I haven't really been worrying about my calories. My body seems to be ripping through everything that I can put down right now, if anything I'm leaning out while maintaining my calorie intake. Might just see how this plays out!
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