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Ocon's crash was one of the weirdest accidents really..
and i guess new chassis is not working for Vettel as well there was a half second difference this time..

Originally Posted by msk340i View Post
I just noticed the comments about Vettel riding the curbs and jumping. It really amazes me how the viewer perception is affected by TV coverage. All the drivers are riding the curb in the final chicane. Bottas had three wheels up in the air then landed in a huge oversteer. Kvyat had a four wheel lift off. Albon landed hard on the front right he lost pressure and they had to pit him to change tires. But the director showed us Vettel flying so he's the only one doing it? Lol smh weird how opinions can be changed by media coverage (same goes for eeeeverything in life).

Not to mention Bottas going off roading on the gravel. If Vettel went off roading social media would light up with comments
touching a kerb, getting over a kerb and hitting a kerb is all different things..
the kerb i told dont remember was in FP1 or 2 Vettel hit the curb and flew over.. he thought car d understeer but it didnt.. and its normal that Vettel attracts more than Albon etc.. he has 4 WDC even if the last one was 7 years ago..

edit: here it is..

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