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Originally Posted by alms21 View Post
I am always quite puzzled by posts like this. So, if the $400k wage earner has a $1mm mortgage that he is shelling out for month after month and the $250k doesn't have a mortgage, guess which one has more discretionary income for a $125k auto purchase? There is more than one test that is required to determine affordability. I know plenty of people that earn $500k+ annually that are leveraged to the tits who have no business buying a $50k car let alone one like this.
Lmao and the truth comes out! But such accurate info! I know a couple of people like that as well. I call them house broke.

I don't make nearly even half of what you just stated. And I'll never be house broke. Budget. I don't have the sickest cars and most expensive things but they're still pretty damn good for being 32 . I go to Europe every year, leaving for the caymans in 2 weeks. I just don't get people like that. $400k-$500k annual and you're right shouldn't be buying a $50k car
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