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I am a fat, old, non-aerobic, nearly disabled by PF fuk. 5K took me 40 minutes last night. AMAZING in a negative way what happens after just over 2 weeks of no running of any kind. Soccer was cancelled due to rain and then COVID. Time I spent on vacation there were no running opportunities that I took advantage of. Just can't see running in Vegas. Then last week, coming back from vacation to a changed world, I just didn't make time until last night.

THIS close to hanging up both running shoes and cleats.
Donít get discouraged man, time and speed is all relevant. Itís the sense of accomplishment and how well you feel when you run plus the countless health benefits. Just run to enjoy it and clear your mind. I feel you sometimes but in a different way from little injuries off and on and throwing off my training. Running 70 miles a week is already tough and beats me down when I canít run. I really was hoping to get under 1:15 half marathon this year and have been training like crazy only to see all the races are cancelled now.