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Originally Posted by detroitm2 View Post
1) not as many supported Sim racing titles
2) the technology isn't there yet to make it as clear/crisp as monitors
3) it's less approachable as far as "just jump on and drive"
VR is a cool party trick, but I agree on the last 2. It's fun and super immersive, but the jump in and drive doesn't exist, and if you need to adjust anything on other screens, you have to take it off. Want extra telemetry? Cant use it. Biggest thing for me, is I like to follow the fast guys and see their braking points. Unless I'm kissing their bumper, it is impossible to see their lights. Even in races, coming up on lapped traffic, I can't see when slow homedude is braking and it makes it annoying to plan out a pass.