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Originally Posted by apexit4 View Post
The Alpine this year has gone for a very interesting airbox solution as its much wider and bulkier than the rest of the competition. If I remember correctly, they wanted to slim down the side pods to get more airflow on the floor so some of the radiators usually mounted in the side pods were moved up top by the air box, hence the bulkiness.

I cant help to think that this may have played a role in them falling down the pecking order. Aside from moving the center of gravity higher, I imagine directing airflow to the rear spoiler has become more of a challenge.
i dont understand why Renault still not using split turbo.. Honda started to use as well but since F1 will continue to use these engines, it really looks like they should have started to change the engine like that and using some tokens for it..

Renault is interestingly quite confident with the solution they came up with.. eventhough im not aerodynamicist or something.. it is obvious that surface area is bigger than last year and since its in the middle of the car, either way car became more wind sensitive or just nailed it..

actually their sidepod design hasnt changed that much.. but i guess they made this for using more efficient rear floor performance.. in power tracks their lack of horsepower is more obvious.. Bahrain more was a power track than Imola.. Alonso started the race 9th but Ocon was way behind.. who knows maybe he had to use much less downforce than he wanted..

i believe they really need to tweak the engine urgently.. which seems impossible this year as far as i remember because of the regulations this year.. since there will be one engine update for the whole year.. maybe they didnt want to risk.. reliability wise..
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