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If You're Having a Bad Day...

I keep insisting I'll blog this project of mine, but obviously I'm not going to so I thought I could make a thread about how not to renovate a house.

If anyone has missed, I'm a fucking idiot. If there is a way to make life harder for myself, I'll do it.

I've been shopping for a house for a year now again, nothing felt right. I made a bid in one and it got accepted but I just couldn't find the motivation for it. It was too new, it had straight corners, it had a roof that wasn't leaking. Obviously it wasn't for me, I truly tried but I just couldn't buy it.

A few months ago my aunt told me she wants to sell my great aunts home. It has busted windows, no heating, the house has to be basically redone from top to bottom and my husband hates it, my kids try to grow up faster so they can have me sent to a mental institution, my dog refuses to go near the place...

Anyway, I got some bids from excavator contractors and after reviewing them I decided those fuckers are highway robbers and now I'm stuck digging by hand 8 ft under ground by hand for about 250ft. While doing that, I managed to get a tree crash my pit while I was winching a rock out of my ditch, I may have fucked up everything else imaginable too and I have decided we won't be discussing that particular part of this project ever.

I wouldn't bring digging up at all but this weekend our lovely and eager family was doing the new sewer line. I had so much fun making this 2 meters long ditch for the new line with a few broken ribs and mild bruises to my ego I lost my tape measurer.

I was a bit pissed with myself, so I decided to drop a kid in the ditch and take a photo so I could get a measurement when I'd find the stupid tool.

You know it's bad when you need to know how far you still have to go, and you pick a kid for the job that'll be just tall enough to make you feel better about your progress.


Happy Monday everybody! I'll be reporting all my fuck ups here so each of you can feel better about your own life!
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