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I also have an Amplifi setup.

It does have one major flaw, if the router dies, all your access points become worthless. They hard code the access points to the router for "easy setup" as if plugging in a few addresses into the app on your phone is hard.

Just something to think about.
It's not really a flaw. It's part of how centrally managed wireless systems work. With other systems which work this way, they provide an option to have a backup wireless controller to take over if the primary fails.

I haven't used any of the Ubiquiti wireless systems myself. But have read about them in passing. I think there's a software based controller you can run to administer the system.

There are other systems out there where a specific access point is designated by either configuration or election to be the master virtual controller. If that AP goes down, either a new election process is kicked off or if you configured another AP to be a standby virtual controller would take over. One such system is from Aruba Networks called Instant APs.

On the OP where he is thinking about using a booster or range extender, don't. These devices are one of the worst things you can do to add into a wireless system.
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