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Originally Posted by BMW F22 View Post
I think being a seller you don't know if the money is fraudulent or not. Say someone could do a faulty wire transfer or cashiers check and it is later found to be fraudulent, wouldn't the seller be stuck holding the bag? Or if someone makes a claim that the watch wasn't as described even though it is. Tons of stuff like that so as a newbie on expensive watches, I would be a bit hesitant.
Yes. That's why cash is king. However, a wire transfer is completely safe. Every fortune-500 company does them. You can also transfer the funds at your bank. Once the money's in the bank, there is no claiming the watch/property is faulty. Once the money is yours, it's yours. Obviously, completely avoid PayPal. That's why it's good for the buyer to have the watch validated/authenticated at an authorized dealer and you can even make the cash transfer at the jewelry shop. If you can't tell if 100 Dollar bills are real, you shouldn't carry cash.
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