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Originally Posted by Fundguy1 View Post
Correct. The notion that fear is why people don't switch to EVs is laughable. The people that do switch more than likely have out of fear. They fear the wealth redistribution hoax of climate change. Al Gore said I'd be underwater 10 years ago. He got everyone feeling guilty so they would pay carbon credits to compensate for their carbon footprint. Those carbon credits mostly went straight into his bank account making him a billionaire. That's where the real fear mongering is.
How do I know it's fear? It's based on irrational and incorrect information. If you were to say "well, I like the sound of gasoline engines, I like the smell of exhaust, I like how how they slowly build torque", ok, then we are starting with something. If you throw out all the "EVs will never work, there batteries will die!, they are too slow, they don't go far enough, they can't be charged, they can't go cross country, the company will go out of business, the interior isn't nice enough, the sky is falling!", then your true colors start to show. Information that is either blatantly incorrect, or has technical solutions currently being pursued. Just like where you throw out all these reasons why you think it'll be dead or why it won't take over, reasons that can easily be applied for anything new that has come along. If we lived like that, we'd still be riding horses and lighting candles. Trying to bring Gore into this is a classic bait and switch attempt. Again, more fear. Guess what? It's ok to be afraid, it's a natural human defense mechanism. The important thing to do though is to not make irrational decisions based on that fear. Easier than it sounds in some cases.
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