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Originally Posted by NorCalAthlete View Post
Right now Iím debating between the Tesla pickup or an X5. My Durango is currently getting a new transmission at < 40,000 miles. I just hope the Tesla pickup isnít god awful ugly.
While I believe an electric truck form Tesla would be awesome, I guarantee that $50k price point is not happening. The first offerings of the truck will be $70-80k, and then 2 years later they'll sell a "stripped down" one with 2 speakers, cloth seats, and other nonsense and then it will still be over $50k (if we are comparing it to the PROMISED $35k price point of the Model 3).

If you currently have a Durango, and are looking at an eSUV or eTruck, have you ruled out Rivian? They have tons of backing (Ford, Amazon, and Cox) and production is to start middle of 2020. While the Truck and SUV start at $69,000 and $72,500 respectively, that's before the Federal rebate.