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Originally Posted by turboawdfanatic View Post
Tesla model 3 wins 2019 midsize car of the year on BMW and Audi’s home turf.
Not in... Canada. Model 3 started rotting as soon as arriving Nov-Dec 2018. Even some winter driven February-March 2019, they stunned our media with reports of paint peel on the sides (salts and sand) and rapid corrosion. In the end, they are garbage cheap steel that makes 2000s mazda look good. Far below Toyota and slightly below Honda- Honda which is bad these days for paint (This years class action in Qc to cover 100,000 Civic owners 2006-2014, some 300,000,000 million $).

Comparing tesla's projected battery fail (6-8 years to chemical decay) or cheap body, versus BMWs ULSAB AC technology (can last decades with average maintenance and leaning), is pointless.

With winter cutting off range by as much as 70% (a Model 3 AWD I had access to dropped to 170kms!), and 10,000$ US worth of incentives gone, its sales plummeted.

The Model 3s are displacing the run of the mill 3 series lease types, with few options, entry level saloons. The higher you go up in class, no such effect. SUVs? the contrary.

Where I live, BMWs are growing and growing in sales. I guess peopel cue din seeing mint looking 2000s BMWs, all winter driven, 4-6 months of ice and salts, no rust..

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