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Originally Posted by Musashi View Post
Do not forget the battery failure. In chemical engineering, the mean lifespan for all liquid Li Ion batteries is between 6 and 8 years, 500 Low state cycles. It is a constant across aerospace and industrial applications. hence why tesla carefully and sneakingly introduced, April 19, its "Normal Decay" clauses for battery warranty refusal. NO MORE MILLION MILES as too many got it and a single 20,000$ pack would eat through 10 cars worth of profit! Tesla carefully says that neither range nor battery capacity are indicators of battery health.

Indeed, it is LOW STATE IMPEDANCE. Once it shoots above 3,000milliohms or so, whether 200 miles or 100,000 miles old, it is DONE. ching ching, 20-25,000$. Some owners had their fail at 2,000 miles, Covered by warranty, not their fault, they had no chance to kill it in 20-50 days. but at 80,000 kms and 5-6 year marc? tesla will now refuse the warranty.

What this means is that when the impedance testing proliferates, owners will see their teslas, Bolts etc, depreciate accordingly to the impedance figure of their battery. So whereas I saw 20 yr old e3X with 500,000 kms in Africa, minty looking, that will never ever happen with any liquid Li Ion battery. they die just sitting. Figuratively, store it 7 years and fire it up, and no it wil lnever perform like new, acting up, cutting off amperage etc.

Case and point, Porsche and Taycan tells that it is a consumable. Sure, taycan owners carry 30,000$ pocket change for new batteries, but taycan's electrical chemistry is the same as anywhere else on the planet, and Tesla's etc.
Key phrasing there was "before it's paid off". As in, within 5-6 years. If they want to play games about warranty repairs after that, that's a bridge I'll cross when I come to it. If they advertise it as warrantied to 250,000 miles, well, it better last me till 250k miles. And if it only lasts to 3,000 they damn well better replace it.

Edit - also, still not seeing where people are getting $20k for battery replacement. As of last year it was $5k. If it costs me $5k for a new battery after 6-8 years, compare this:

(15k miles / year)/(25 mpg) = 600 gallons / year on gas.

At current California prices of $4.69 for premium (if I got the X5) that would be 600 * 4.69 = ~$2800 / year on gas alone.

$2800*6 years = almost $17,000.

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