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Originally Posted by antych View Post
VR is very demanding, it's even going to make 2080ti sweat. Get yourself an HP Reverb, it's 2160x2160 per eye at 90fps. That's more demanding than 4k@60. It's the best head mounted display for sim racing that doesn't cost $$$$.

As for those games, they all have pros and cons.

PC2 is well polished with decent career modes, best weather/surface simulation, good VR support.

AC is a bit older with weaker graphics, but will run better in VR at something like 6K@90fps giving you a really crisp image. It has insane mod support, with great community, so you can load it with additional cars and tracks.

ACC is an official blancpain gt game, with brand new engine, looks and sounds great, but quite demanding. One of the best looking and realistic games, but limited to one series and still work in progress.

There's also Dirt Rally 2.0 which is pretty good if you want try rallying.
That HP Reverb has pretty terrible reviews?

This one especially concerns me:

I have tried the Valve Index and now the HP Reverb, and I'm sad to say that VR is not there yet. I have a brand new PC with an I7 & 2080 Ti with the latest drivers, and the games that I'm expecting to see run decently (Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2), are just not optimized for VR yet.

"Even though it's advertised as a 2K screen, the quality is just not there yet when compared to my monitor or OLED screen. I'm not by any means trying to compare the two as my expectations were set that this was going to be a much lower resolution and it's sacrificed against the VR immersion, but half of the time the guy would not even run correctly and had to be reset. "

I should also point out that my Xbox and PC are connected to my 77" LG OLED TV. So, VR probably wouldn't give me the same graphics performance?