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Originally Posted by antych View Post
The Reverb is 2160x2160 per eye, that's combined resolution of 4320x2160. UHD which your TV is using is 3840x2160.

That's 9,331,200 pixels in Reverb vs 8,294,400 in your TV, but VR tends to be 90fps vs 60 of tv, so you need about 68% more GPU power to sustain Reverb's native resolution.

Pimax 8KX is 7680x2160, that's 16,588,800‬ pixels at 90fps, so you need 300% more GPU power compared what you typically use on a TV.

That's sort of performance is not coming anytime soon, but you can always run it at lower resolution. There's a benefit of having a high resolution screen, even if the image is upscaled.

Because of the extra fov, the Pimax's resolution is so massive, even though it's vertically the same as Reverb. You may have to sacrifice clarity for field of view to keep the performance acceptable. It's hard to tell which one is better, I haven't used Pimax myself.

Nvidia will probably release a new series of GPUs next year, but the current gen will struggle with those numbers. Asetto Corsa is probably the only game you will be able to run at Pimax 8KX native resolution.

Good thing about VR is that you can just adjust internal resolution to whatever your PC can handle, so you don't have to worry about it. You can buy the highest resolution HMD money can buy, and wait for the GPUs to catch up, and then just adjust the resolution when you upgrade.
The Pimax 5K Plus can do 120hz with a wider FOV and is half the price. Price is about the same as HP. Maybe that's a better solution?