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Originally Posted by Jordan's World View Post
I have not, but I like the idea behind it. Like anything in life that sucks, consistency is key in making it easier and more enojyable. Confidently get through a month of daily 5k's and build your endurance to start running longer distances.

What's your ultimate goal? Weight loss? Increase Endurance? Maintenance?

If weight loss is your primary goal, I highly recomend running fasted. Contrary to popular belief, I have found that by running on low glycogen levels I am able to go loner distances with less effort. Without a high concentration of glycogen in your system from a lack of food, your body resorts to burning glycogen stored in your fat cells. This has been shown to be extremely effective in burning body fat. Much quicker than attempting to burn fat with a build up of circuiting glucose (sugars) from eating.

I have been intermittent fasting (IF) for years now and have recently convinced my uncle who is obese to try it out. The results have been astounding. He has lost about 50 pounds in a little over 2 months and still eats whatever the hell he wants when not fasting. Pretty amazing stuff.

I specifically recommended it to him because running or any sort of intense cardio would have been unsafe at his level. Could have injured himself.
what is the length of time for not eating when you say run FASTED ? I sometimes go 12 + hours w/o eating and then run up to 10 or 12 miles and have no fueling issues. Maybe a sip of water before heading out.