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Sarms are banned under NCAA rules. PCT is banned as well.

Rad140 will make you stronger really quickly, can put on "lean dry" gains without putting on visible size. It doesn't kick in for me until 3-4 weeks in, but once you have a high blood saturation of it, you can lift and workout it seems without losing intensity for hours. You also dont get the "juiced traps" many people grow once they start to pin. I use it now to help me recover and gain my strength back from car accidents within the past year. Strength and endurance are there, however you have to really really really watch your water intake and electrolytes. Also, your libido dies around week 5/6-11. To know if you need a PCT or not, you will have to do blood work. I personally don't need a PCT but he might. Mind you I am not competing for competition or sport, for me its recovery/fun to return to my glory days of college (1200 club at 170lbs, Triathlete Team eating 6000-7000 calories a day to not lose weight maintain strength and recover).

I will say this if he is a D1 prospect at 17 and is in the 1000 club its good numbers but that's all relative to body weight and height. It'll work and it's not uncommon to gain around 6-10 pounds of muscle after each cycle (typical length is 8-12 weeks). Will Grier was busted here in Florida a couple of years ago while testing positive for LGD. Just be aware.
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