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Originally Posted by yco View Post
from best conspiracy theorist here i couldnt get the answer.. why these failures only affect Max but not others?
Well mate , ask HAM or Toto why HAM's PU is faster than BOT .Same situation .Same story mate !

Regarding MAX's PU : Probably his PU is pushed further to limits , because he's the only one who has the racecraft to put the Mercs in trouble ,of course with higher risk for the PU , which is normal .
Mate .That's what we can see , in the last years .That's no conspiracy , these are facts .

On the other hand, Tanabe said :They saw that all the HONDA-PU's are actually affected , just like MAX's PU .
Albon's PU went twice in anti-stall during the free-practice , while MAX's PU was running outstanding during the free practice and QF.
Tanabe spoke not from 1 PU issue , but from 2 different PU issues ... the issues are big and not fixable by a push on a button !

But hey ! It doesn't matter anymore . As we know It's already too late for MAX with his 3 DNF ..He has nothing to lose anymore in the WDC !
And that he will show as well ...At least if his PU is OK .

All we can hope for mate is : Suspense in the front of the race ,with close overtaking , and hopefully HONDA can make this possible ASAP !
But meanwhile the HONDA PU investigation is still going on ...
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