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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Well mate , ask HAM or Toto why HAM's PU is faster than BOT .Same situation .Same story mate !

Regarding MAX's PU : Probably his PU is pushed further to limits , because he's the only one who has the racecraft to put the Mercs in trouble ,of course with higher risk for the PU , which is normal .
Mate .That's what we can see , in the last years .That's no conspiracy , these are facts .

On the other hand, Tanabe said :They saw that all the HONDA-PU's are actually affected , just like MAX's PU .
Albon's PU went twice in anti-stall during the free-practice , while MAX's PU was running outstanding during the free practice and QF.
Tanabe spoke not from 1 PU issue , but from 2 different PU issues ... the issues are big and not fixable by a push on a button !

But hey ! It doesn't matter anymore . As we know It's already too late for MAX with his 3 DNF ..He has nothing to lose anymore in the WDC !
And that he will show as well ...At least if his PU is OK .

All we can hope for mate is : Suspense in the front of the race ,with close overtaking , and hopefully HONDA can make this possible ASAP !
But meanwhile the HONDA PU investigation is still going on ...
so is it fair other Honda drivers have less power?
and comon mate how could get an idea Bottas has a less powerful engine.. conspiracy kicked in again..
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