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Originally Posted by Lups View Post
Thank you! Now that you've lost your man card, feel free to loan my lady card. I died laughing when I was packing tools I needed today and carried them out of my storage in a Victoria's secret bag. I'm probably not doing this girly thing very well either.

Yeah, now I remember why I don't remember those names in English! The first one is puukkosaha in Finnish, it epically handy when you tear down old structures. The second one is an iskuporakone, that's basically a tool you put on a picture of your lady card to the wall for memories sake.

Today's entry in how to fuck up a renovation got me banned from the drill hammer (I think) site. I'm beginning to think the hubby is trying to keep me alive!

The rock saw thingy and I had a disagreement and the judge went to the tools side.
Now I remember why I don't remember those names in Finnish! have a small jack hammer, too (the thingy on the left of the pic)?!

And whose leg is that in the pic?!

If it makes you feel any better, I f'd up my shoulder somehow last week and tweaked it again yesterday. So I decided I'd rake up the lawn clippings left behind by the lawn mowing company (front & back yards) and de-thatch most of the front yard w/ a thatching rake. I have an acre lot. My shoulder loves me for it. And a mosquito snuck into the house.....and bit me 3 times while typing this.

Google Translate tells me "thatching rake" is "haikea rake" in Finnish. If I reverse translate "haikea", it tells me it means "bitter" in English. Regardless of translation correctness.....that still pretty much sums it up in my mind.
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