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Originally Posted by AJA5900 View Post
I am probably the only one but I would love a i3M to use for quick/short trips. And balance the mpg of the X3Mc.
  • i3 is just way too slow.
  • BMW hasn't figured out how to build high-torque electric motors, as of yet (they will, eventually).
  • Not necessary for a ZEV compliance car, which is what i3's has become for BMW USA.
  • There already is an ///Mi3, and it's called Model 3 Performance.
    • Tesla M3P costs similar to fully-optioned-out i3, but handles way better, and accelerates way faster than ///M3 or X3M.
    • Baseline TM3 costs less than 330i, handles better, and accelerates faster than 330i.
    • Minimal depreciation for TM3 lineup, to top it all off.

i3 is at the end of BMW evolution line.
They were going to EOP it last year, but extended production for a few more years (2024?), to cover the gap in EV product lineup until iX3 and i4 arrive.

i3 was a great EV in 2013.
It's a bit of a relic in 2020.

Originally Posted by TimeFor View Post
I'd love to buy a real i3 M as long as it was still an electric first design like we have now. I don't like the form factor of the i8 at all. And are the rumors that the next i3 is going to share platform with ICE car still looking true? I hope that's not still true. If this i3 M ever happens it won't be the current generation i3.
I absolutely love the sexy shape of i8 (anti-i3 in terms of design appeal), but BMW's previous CEO (Kruger?) had pulled the plug on both i3 and i8 evolution. Consequently, i8 has languished as an under-powered, impractical, over-priced status symbol.

Yes, all new BMWs are designed to support modular plug-and-play power plants: electric, hybrid, and ICE.
Yes, it's sub-optimal.

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