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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
Ummm...I suspect that because of the legal aspects associated with replica watches, you may want to keep the sale of such a thing as much on the DL as you possibly can. It's one thing to buy such a thing, but selling them puts one in a whole different category, one that has a much greater risk -- incarceration, fines, etc. -- associated with it. To that end, eBay is probably not a good place to try to sell the thing. Technically speaking, Rolex have the right to demand the police confiscate and destroy that watch, and that's at a minimum, which is likely all they'd do to a an individual trying to sell/resell a single watch that s/he purchased elsewhere.

Are Rolex or police agencies scanning eBay looking for such thing? Probably not, but still it's not worth the risk.

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