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Originally Posted by Real Dodger View Post
There must have been some huge miscommunication.

There is no way this is a 1100sq ft / 350 sq meter home.
I lived in a 1500 sq ft home as a child, my bedroom was that size, and it was a 3 bedroom, with the other bedroom being much smaller. With no basement.
I would guess this to be a 600 sq meter home, at the least.
Originally Posted by Lups View Post

An mē is roughly a yard by yard. That room is about 24mē which means it's about 240 of your stupid feetē units.

I'm not following the math here either. So, Lupsie here is saying this room is about 24 sq m. Theoretically then, if the home is total 350 sq m, this room accounts for 6.8% of the house.

But if 24 sq m equals 240 sq feet, then 240 sq ft divided by 1100 sq ft indicates the bedroom accounts for 21.8% of the house.

Something isn't right.

Fine, I googled it. Lupsie's conversion for the room is right, but whoever converted 350 sq meters to 1100 sq feet was dead wrong. Like, really wrong.

350 sq meters converts to 3,767 sq ft.
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he's Canadian. By international law we all must worship him and all other products of the country.
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Joe's mind and vocabulary are much like being served something that you don't want to swallow on a 24k gold platter.....with 5 star service.
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