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Originally Posted by blaze221 View Post
Hi there

I have a swiss replica of Rolex Daytona wondering if there's anywhere to sell it? and no not ebay.

Ummm...I suspect that because of the legal aspects associated with replica watches, you may want to keep the sale of such a thing as much on the DL as you possibly can. It's one thing to buy such a thing, but selling them puts one in a whole different category, one that has a much greater risk -- incarceration, fines, etc. -- associated with it. To that end, eBay is probably not a good place to try to sell the thing. Technically speaking, Rolex have the right to demand the police confiscate and destroy that watch, and that's at a minimum, which is likely all they'd do to a an individual trying to sell/resell a single watch that s/he purchased elsewhere.

Are Rolex or police agencies scanning eBay looking for such thing? Probably not, but still it's not worth the risk.

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