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Update- drove down last Thursday. He was in ICU still, has MI the prior Saturday and he did mention when we spoke that his left arm was numb, shortness of breath, etc so basically he was having a heart attack as he was driving. Bad idea! Couple days later feeling worse ... kept throwing up, on the pot, etc. Thought it was food poisoning.

Finally wife called the ambulance as they couldn't get him up off the bathroom floor. Took 4 EMT's to get him up and out in the ambulance. He is 6 foot and 215 or so but not a big guy really. They spent 20 minutes in the ambulance working on him so apparently he coded 3 times!! Brought him back, CPR , etc. rushed to hospital.

Stable condition now. Docs are blown away he is still with us since he had a tear, bled out, fluid around his heart, intibated, drain tube. No surgery yet as he is waiting for the next step which we don't know what it is yet. Docs cautiously optimistic but nervous. I believe today he is getting out of the ICU but that's all I know right now.

Everyone was there sitting around in the garage hanging out going up to see him from time to time as they only allowed one person. Very strict due to Covid as expected. Very emotional for everyone especially his wife since she was at the same hospital the prior week with what she thought an appendix issue, stomach pain and now this. Also, she just started a new job the prior and has tell her boss she's going to be out indefinitely. Needless to say the stress level is unimaginable. Docs said definitely NOT Covid! Tested negative.
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