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      03-11-2017, 08:41 AM   #133

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Originally Posted by 6speeds View Post
Hahahaha thats good video,,,

Hey bro,i will apologize for my comments last night i didnt mean it.. i think its a cowardly to insult someone anonymously typing away like a secretary

I was maybe hoping for some inteligent conversation from you and maybe some answers to a few questions i have.. but you came here few days ago you first say you are engineer then you rambeld some crazy irrelevant shit. What the fuck was that??????

Then i get a few fartmen come here and try to derail it...... saying ohhhhhh i dont understand what his saying

So i will repeat my questions to you MR. engineer

1- how dose caroseen melt solid steel into liquid
2- how dose a Solid steel structure (3 building) free fall like a brick
3- how dose airplane disapear underground without trace
4- how dose airplane hit pentagon 3 feet off the ground and disappear into thin air

I bet my f80 you have nothing to say
Originally Posted by WDE82 View Post
These are questions that make massive assumptions about how YOU think a crash should work or what YOU think happens when a plane hits something. You DO NOT know enough to make said assumptions. Conspiracy theorists convince themselves that there are some undeniable truths about how something should work and then look for evidence places where their assumptions don't work and point to it as evidence.

1- It doesn't have to. Steel loses strength when heated. Also there was more than enough kinetic energy from those aircraft to melt materials basically on contact from friction and cold work alone. Go bend a small steel rod back and forth several times quickly. Now touch the bend area. It's warm or hot. Bending and tearing materials generates significant heat.

2- Because two of them were hit by very large aircraft going 540 mph. The other was significantly damaged by the collapse and burned for hours.

3- What? Flight 93 hit the ground at almost 600 mph and was obliterated. It left a large crater and damaged a decent area of forest and scattered debris everywhere. That's 80% of the speed of a 9mm bullet and you wonder how some debris is lodged in the ground?

4- Also what? It was obliterated on contact with the building and caused significant damage.

The whole thing truthers don't understand is basic physics. This presents a significant problem when speaking to any of them. YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS AT ALL. You don't even know what force, momentum, and energy are or how to apply their concepts correctly. Each of these aircraft had astronomically high momentum and kinetic energy. That energy was transferred to their crash sites almost completely.

This is all I will say to you on the matter because I expect some extreme mental gymnastics from you. You are not interested in understanding. You're interested in there being a conspiracy or something amiss.
WDE82, I missed that gem of a dare/boast about betting his F80 you have nothing intelligent to say. Well, I think you need to collect on it to shut him up. But I bet it's just empty words just like the rest of his gibberish with no backing.
Originally Posted by Lups View Post
We might not be in an agreement on Trump, but I'll be the first penis chaser here to say I'll rather take it up in the ass than to argue with you on this.
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Mr Tonka5857.00

      03-13-2017, 02:54 PM   #134
Mr Tonka
is probably out riding.
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Originally Posted by 6speeds View Post
ok this my last post in this as i feel less inteligent talking with some of you.maybe because its your first time looking at this from the other side i dont know.

what president Trump was saying is No way airplane cut thru thik solid steel without help from explosives. airplane is basically a tin can wings are like toothpic to strength and size of this building but u even see cartoonish wing tips cutting thru that thik steel.

You want physics lets talk physics, If a airplane nose dives into ocean do you think it will cut thru the surface tension and go underwater or is it going to break up into million pieces on the surface then go down????

Also some people Here keep talking ,if you bring jet fuel direct it thru blow torch at one spot for hours will make steel little soft hahaha thats not what happend in real life. It only took seconds for that jet fuel to consume its self that day.... there was even liquid steel running down how that happen?

i dont want to waste my time trying to explain i even think this keyboard typing is gay.
Posted on 2-13-17

Originally Posted by pz619 View Post
Ok bye.
"There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. -Charles de Secondat"

Last edited by Mr Tonka; 03-13-2017 at 03:01 PM..
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