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      09-30-2013, 10:47 PM   #89
Bavarian Khaleesi
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Originally Posted by EnI;14610084[B
]Comparing i8 or i3 to Tesla S is just ridiculous. What they have in common is the eDrive.[/B] True.

While in concepts they are completely different: one is a small city car, the other a 4-seat sports car, and the third is a full-size luxury sedan / hatchback that can even seat 7 people. Electric / plug-in hybrids are just like any other cars with ICE (petrol or diesel): coming in various shapes, catering different needs.

And just like in ICE case you have different performance & millage figures on EVs as well. Are we eg comparing a sub-compact 70hp city car to a 350hp luxury sedan just because eg. both use diesel engines? We don't. so, why then a comparison between differently styled i3, i8 and eg Tesla S.

Also, Tesla S went a different way: introducing a large heavy sedan, packed with tons of batteries (featuring superb millage) - and consequently high price. Comparing that to a much smaller & lighter i3 city car is ridiculous. Sure nobody will use i3 for long trips. Just like you don't go on a family trip using a MINI. i3 supposed to be a 2nd car, a city car. While i8 is a show-off halo sports car, which can also be used in city areas with congestion charges etc. due to its electric drive.

There are different marketing approaches, what to offer first. Be sure BMW will also offer a full-size eDrive 4dr sedan / fastback under BMW i badge. But first they set the anchors for the i sub-brand - with i3 (as a relatively affordable & practical premium city EV) on one pole, and i8 on the other (as a premium halo sports car for the sub-brand). With more mainstream EVs coming: incl. a sedan / fastback & even a crossover.

"Tesla is still more or less "one product" company. Roadster is a joke, the only real product is Tesla S, and the upcoming crossover. And then? A city car? And then? Then the troubles starts, when you become a real automotive company - with larger portfolio, and you have to share parts to be cost effective & profitable - and consequently the engineering becomes more complex than in case with one or two cars in portfolio. And I guess they will be forced to cooperate more & more with strategic partners from the automotive industry etc."

Roadster, Model S, Model X-all bridges. Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe, just maybe, Tesla isn't trying to compete with automakers but rather, show a way for innovation and how it can and should be done? To be a catalyst? Anyone? or En1? Second, Apple didn't run into trouble after it stopped making new gadgets. Tesla is an automotive tech company, and uses domestic parts to build their cars. They've offered the olive branch to any other company looking to create better EVs; look no further than Daimler and Toyota who already license their technology, and the rapid charge stations they are setting up that in the long run will prove useful beyond their own cars.

Also with relatively low volume output the revenues are low. Therefore new capital will have to flow in to feed all the R&D, and production capacity expansions etc. - meaning new shares issued, new bank loans etc.

Also Tesla dealer network is small. Not to mention almost non-existing outside US. Building up an efficient dealer network is a costly & long process. "Tesla sure works in US, but I'm not sure it will work outside US." Tesla isn't Apple though. C'mon even Lexus is struggling outside US, being completely anonymous in some EU markets etc. Not to mention Infiniti and Acura. People outside US are not really fond of newly established "instant premium" car brands. Norway is their 2nd biggest market after US.

"Not to mention the competitors will start to roll out direct rival product to Tesla cars." Someone has to bell the cat.

Sure Tesla is the first one offering a premium large electric sedan / fastback. And will probably be the first one offering an attractive electric crossover. But in the following years it will hardly be the only one. And the competitive advantage will melt down like a snowman on a Spring sunny day.

All that said about Tesla: hats down. Tesla S is one fine, even incredible vehicle. Especially for the 1st Mk and for a small automotive company. "Elon Tusk is a genius but everything has its limits."

You meant Musk. Don't think he will ever has his limits, and as long as a brain like that is behind a brand like this, innovation will always be their core, no matter what other companies bring forth.

The one (bright) future I can see for Tesla is under Google's umbrella. Tesla as Google's automotive brand: EVs with auto pilots, packed with latest IT stuff to play with while in the car. Apple will issue its own iCar, I guess. Made in China, of course.
In sum, I see myself getting myself a cup of tea and sitting down to Sunday morning's round table pundit discussions on tv years from now where they'll be talking about pioneers and what those top companies are. You guessed it, Tesla will fall under that umbrella for sure.
I (still) want my inner circular headlights gleaming a glowing red. That way, scurry when you see my Demon advancing.
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      10-05-2013, 10:38 AM   #90
Major General
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Dinner Date.
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The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...
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      10-05-2013, 04:30 PM   #91
Chief Senior Executive Managing VP of Orange Sales
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This car has such a presence.

That being said she deserves a proper parking spot up front, or at least not in between cars like that.

How much clearance is needed to open the doors?
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      10-08-2013, 11:12 AM   #92

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The car looks very wide. Maybe ok in the US but that could be a real problem on the narrow UK roads. Looking up the measurements it would be a very tight fit getting it into my garage !!
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